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Thoughts on full-screen background image across devices

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Long time listener, first time caller.

We have an 12+ years old app where we have a full-screen background image. It's patterned, so a shift in proportions could look a bit weird, which we'd optimally don't want. We also want to make sure that it's crispier on devices, we're currently just using 2x/3x.

I've read around and there's a couple of approaches:

1 - Use many different images, set them manually depending on device. This would keep the image proportions exactly as desired, but a lot of work and needs to be maintained for new devices - not optimal.

2 - Which we're leaning towards. Have a single, sufficiently large png, say 1440X3200 or even larger, have the "background" viewcontroller ImageView use that image with view.imageNamed and set scaling to UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFill. I don't mind that it might require a tad more memory on "smaller" devices.

On SO there are tons of approaches, but i thought that i'd ask here instead:

Is there anything i haven't thought of, is there another, better, approach or would approach #2 above work ok?

Thoughts and tips appreciated!


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