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Subscriptions and unlocking the UI

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How would one set up their app so they can unlock UI items once a subscription is purchased? I am looking at Revenuecat to handle subs, but I would like to know what the best practices are around setting up your UI (I'm using SwiftUI btw), so that once the sub is processed, a) the app remembers this and b) makes previously locked UI elements available to the user.


So in Revenuecat docs, there's this bit about checking if a user is subscribed. Is it safe to assume that I could simply set a var to true here, and then reference it anywhere in the app to make items visible/available?

if purchaserInfo.entitlements["your_entitlement_id"]?.isActive == true { // user has access to "your_entitlement_id"


HWS+ is doing this woth part 1 out now.


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