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SOLVED: Larger keyboard on smaller iPad?

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I'm working on a crossword app, and need the tab key so my user can move from square to square. I'd actually like to use arrow keys, but that's totally a non-starter in iPadOS, AFAICT. The tab key (plus caps lock + shift keys) is visible on larger iPads (11 and up), but not on the 9.7". Is there anyway to display the bigger keyboard on the smaller iPad?


There are few keyboard options you can try (optimized for different content) but I am not sure if any offer what you want.

The alternative would be to build custom "strip" that would sit on to of the keyboard and offer these additional buttons


For example this is from popular note taking app Bear

Bear keyboard example


An option would be to not require the user to hit Tab to move to the next square. Just do it automatically once they enter a letter. Because, face it, almost all of the time they will be entering a word, not a single letter, and how annoying would it be to have to type a TAB p TAB p TAB l TAB e?


If you are using the iPad with touch input then the user can just touch to place the insertion point.

If they are using a keyboard then both my Logitech and Magic Keyboards have arrow keys which iPadOS understands.

im assuming that this would be for, say, moving to 6 down to enter a word. if it's during entry then as @roosterbiy wrote, it would be best to move on automtically after entering a letter.


Thanks, all. I eventually attached an input accessory view to the keyboard, and added the buttons I needed there. I did change the app to get rid of the need for a tab key (among a bajillion orher changes).


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