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Swift learner here. Guessing this is a long stretch but can anyone recommend a good iPhone IDE app where I can code and run projects like Xcode? I am often away from home including in a part-time job which sometimes has a lot of waiting time (and not the best place to bring my MacBook), so such a tool would be perfect. I saw up to a few in the App Store that seem limited in functionality based on reviews.

And if there's no suitable tool yet, maybe someone can think about developing one. If it works well and there's a free trial/edition I'm sure people would pay a nice price for it (but please: one-time fees, no subscriptions lol).

I've sometimes fallen out of the self-education routine for weeks on end due to being away from my tools for too long, but my phone is nearly always with me so if something like this were available I'm sure it would be a productivity godsend for me and others alike.


a great app for learning is Paul's Unwrap and it free!

You need a computer to code unless you use Playground but on a phone a bit small


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