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SOLVED: [Xcode] I accidentally activated a Git thing and don't know how to get rid of the blue vertical line

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I'm totally novice to actually using Git (and Github) and according to my Google search the vertical blue line I am now dealing with has to do with changes in my code. So I think I need to commit my changes? I don't know what I accidentally toggled on or selected. It also could be that my network connection has been bad the last 24 hours.

If anyone can help me make it go away please help. And if anyone wants to do their generous pay it forward contribution and teach me how to use Git / Github that's a whole other story. (Not recommended, I will likely frustrate the heck out of you, for some reason despite tuturials git freaks me out.

Help me get rid of the blue line? (And by the way I'm loving the tutorial on particles!!) image https://twitter.com/gabemott/status/1502814388272594944?s=20&t=6oyFwT6lsO7UCC9PsrG0hA

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To get rid of it you would have to delete the .git repository (it is a hidden folder). I'm not sure if just deleting the hidden folder is enough, as there might be other support files or system settings that may also need to be looked in to.

If you just want hide the blue lines (assuming that in future you may want to actually resume using Git) in the main menu under Xcode/Preferences (or Command + ,), choose the Source Control tab and uncheck Source Control: Enable Source Control. The other options will become greyed out.

Remember to reenable it, if and when you want to start using Source Control again.

Some videos that may help you, if you do continue to use Source Control.

Xcode, Git and GitHub


I find that deleting the hidden .git folder removes the repository from the project with no other changes needed and no ill effects.

Sometimes, when I'm doing a lot of experimentation during the initial development of an application I keep a local repository (so I can easily undo dead ends). Once the code gets to a place that I consider stable enough for an initial version, I will delete the .git folder and create a new repository.


Click on Xcode>Preferences… (Cmd ,) then "Source Control" then untick Text Editing


Thank you @Greenamberred, @microenh and @NigelGee I appreciate your solutions. I'm watching the video suggested (it is a little anxiety makig when youtune tutorials says "this might be a bug"!!!! , and experimenting with XCode preferences "Source Control" where I actually don't see "Text Editing"* though I do see a check box for Enable Source Control- unticking that makes my blue line problem go away.

*EDIT: Correction I DID find "Text Editing" it was just to the left of the tick box, to the right I saw "Show Source Control Changes" - Now Unticked and I think this solved my problem

Any idea why this happened to me in the first place? I've always wanted to be able to use GitHub but don't recall opening this / making new project in this case I did anything different before. Do you think it is the new version of XCode or is it because I somehow ticked a different option for "Git"- it also seemed (the blue line tracker occuring) while I had already been working on the project.

Thanks all.


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