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Call Un4Seen BASS library for Swift?

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Hello, could someone tell me how can i call a native library, like Un4Seen BASS from Swift? I have called the library on WIndows with C#, but I have no idea how does the interop, or something similar works on iOS/MacOS. I would highly appreciate the help on how to start.


On the BASS web site, there is a link to download the iOS version of the BASS audio library.

I have almost no experience with integrating external libraries into SwiftUI projects and cannot offer more help. However, because BASS offers an iOS library, this might be easy to do.

However, I suggest that you create an account on the BASS web site, and log your question into their forum. I scanned their forum and read many questions about using BASS in iOS applications. I suspect you'll find more complete help there.


Oh, I was using BASS in Windows so I am familiar with how the library operates. I want to write anb app for a particular radio station.


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