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Adding tip percentage alert to WeSplit

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I'm looking to add an alert to WeSplit that would ask "Are you sure you want to tip 0 %?" but cant figure it out. This isn't an assigned challenge, just something i felt like trying. Any help is appreciated!


You could do this with .onChange which hasn't been covered yet.

Add this to your properties: @State private var showingTipAlert = false

Add this to the Picker, or really anywhere on the Form:

.onChange(of: tipPercentage) { _ in
  if tipPercentage == 0 {
    showingTipAlert = true

Add this somewhere to the Form. I usually attach them to the Form itself:

.alert("0% tip?", isPresented: $showingTipAlert) {
  Button("OK") {}
} message: {
  Text("Are you sure you want to tip 0%")

or you could do something more basic and instead of doing all that, you could do one of these two options:

attach this modifier to the tipPercentage Picker:

.foregroundColor(tipPercentage == 0 ? .red : .black)

or, instead of that, add this immediately below the Picker section:

if tipPercentage == 0 {
  Text("0% tip, Really?")

Neither of those last two options generate an alert, but they do change the UI to indicate something is happening.


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