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Hi everybody,

I would like to know if There is an order to do the books There is quite a few books.

There is hacking with swift / pro swift advanced / coding

One we buy there is no ordered or we need to follow some kind of order


As far as I know, there is no official order. Start with one of the “Hacking with…:” books and then follow up with whatever interest you the most. No point of reading MacOS book first, if your dream is to build an app for your watch. Paul is very practical in his teaching. By following his tutorials you constantly build small apps and it makes sense to build stuff that interests you the most. You get the point. Leave things like patterns and testing theories for later, after you grasp the basics. Good luck.


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Yeah, there's no specific order because everyone has different goals. If you buy the Swift Power Pack you'll receive an email with some suggested reading orders depending whether your goal is to get a job, to improve your skills, etc, but it's trickier with things like macOS, watchOS, and Vapor – folks basically learn whatever interests them!

Very roughly: start with Hacking with iOS, then do Pro Swift, then pick either Testing Swift or Swift Design Patterns depending on your goal. If you want to get more into building apps, then follow the Advanced iOS series instead.


If you're a beginner and an everywhere-nose-poker like me, I'd recommend you check out this article realatively early on:

HackingWithSwift.com: How to read Apple’s developer documentation

I found that very helpful when I started the first project in HWiOS-SwiftUI. At first I wanted to know what everything was doing (not necessary, but how I like to learn), and the dev docs I found through my own poking were a bit tough to decipher.

In the article above, @twostraws points out a number of places to find documentation and does a good job at making it more legible. 👍


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