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I got the wrong book, need help finding the right one

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I bought "Hacking with macOS" thinking there would be lots of examples of how to make macOS apps that use SwiftUI. But I misunderstood somewhere; there are lots of examples of macOS apps that use Cocoa. I should have read the fine print? I don't know. Anyway, I learned some cool stuff from it. But I still need some serious tutorials for macOS apps that use SwiftUI. Most of what I see out there aims for iOS, in ways that don't translate well for my macOS app, especially debugging with that dratted simulator.

Where should I be looking for extensive tutorials on macOS apps that use SwiftUI?


Where should I be looking for extensive tutorials on macOS apps that use SwiftUI?

Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of SwiftUI tutorials targeting macOS.

Paul's macOS book should have both AppKit and SwiftUI versions, although the latter hasn't been updated in over a year. And the SwiftUI version doesn't contain all the projects of the AppKit version.


From HackingWithSwift.com.... We're confident you'll love our books, but if you aren't happy with your purchase after 30 days, we'll refund your purchase.

If you are not happy with Hacking with MacOS, send Paul an email directly! Get a refund, then buy another book.

Not sure if you have to wait the entire 30 days before letting him know why you're not happy with that particular book. Let us know what book you do get!


Don't get me wrong! I'm not unhappy. I learned from the book. It's money well spent. But it's just not the thing I'm trying to learn right now. I purchased another one, "SwiftUI by Example", this morning -- not really what I was looking for, because it's very iOS-oriented, but again, I'm sure I'll get something useful from it.


This is from Hacking with MacOS SwiftUI Edition

I would recommend you follow the AppKit edition first, then try SwiftUI. This will give you the most complete understanding of what’s going on, and allow you to compare the two more fairly.

So maybe do this book and then get the Hacking with MacOS SwiftUI Edition.


The Hacking with Mac purchase already includes the short SwiftUI supplement as a separate download from your Gumroad account.

Most SwiftUI objects work the same on Mac and iOS. The exceptions are mostly noted in the Apple Developer reference for those object types. So the Swift UI by Example book is extremely helpful for Mac apps.


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