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Frequent Flyer Club?

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I bought a book and apparently get some bonus content, but the Frequent Flyer Club page says to look for some bold words in the book or something, but it's not clear what I'm looking for.

Any help on where to look for my Frequent Flyer Club keyword(s) would be helpful and appreciated.



Apparently, "Hacking with iOS - SwiftUI" doesn't have this. At least, I can't find it. Maybe it doesn't count as a book. (btw: I bought another book and found it right away.)


Sorry, for the delayed response. I've never looked at the Books forum until just now. But you can see which books have a Frequent Flyer word in them on the Frequent Flyer page of this website.

I'll copy and paste them here...

The following books contain Frequent Flyer Club words: Advanced iOS: Volume One, Advanced iOS: Volume Two, Advanced iOS: Volume Three, Beyond Code, Dive Into SpriteKit, Hacking with iOS, Hacking with macOS, Hacking with tvOS, Hacking with watchOS, Objective-C for Swift Developers, Pro Swift, Server-Side Swift, Swift Coding Challenges, Swift Design Patterns, Testing Swift, and Swift on Sundays: Volume One.

It looks like the "Hacking With iOS SwiftUI Edition" doesn't have a frequent flyer word in it, but the "Hacking With iOS UIKit Edition" does.


I would recommend opening the HTML format of the book that you downloaded. Open the index.html file to get to the main table of contents page. Then go to the Prologue chapter. Then you can press Command + F to search, and search for Frequent Flyer.

You might be able to find it by searching for Frequent Flyer in the prologue in any format that you are viewing the book in. But I'm not sure if it is as easy to do in the Apple Books or Kindle App.


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