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Dive Into SpriteKit Template

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I just bought Dive Into SpriteKit on Apple Books but I coun't find anywhere to download the DiveIntoSpriteKit template (along with all the assets). Does anyone know how to get them?


I bought Dive Into SpriteKit yesterday (today's the last day of the WWDC22 SALE), the purchase took me to <> and there was a <Download> button on their Dive Into SpriteKit page for <Project Source Code 2019-06-11>, and I found the template pre-installed in the enclosed <ProjectSourceCode> folder, which opened up when I clicked the <ProjectSourceCode.xcodeproj> file.

YMMV if you bought through a different source.


Well I'll be dipped...what I thought was a template is not a template. I've been plugging along by copying the Project folder for the DiveIntoSpriteKit project and opening it, which has left me with a bunch of projects named DiveIntoSpriteKit. When I think "Xcode Template" I think of something I can double-click which will give me a new project to name, plus enough files in the Navigator to get started. Is there such a thing for DiveIntoSpriteKit?


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