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Custom platfrom bundle?

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Good evening....

From the book description it looks like the platform bundle is a good start to develop for several platforms as I intend to....but....

I would rather prefer to have Hacking for iOS in that bundle instead of server-side Swift...also why Advanced iOS Vol. 2 is there instead of Vol. 1 beats me as well (o;

Is there a way to get a custom platfrom pack?

thanks in advance richard


Paul has put the answer at the bottom of the Course Bundles page.

Some people ask whether I can create a custom bundle with the exact set of books that fits their needs. I'm afraid this isn't possible – we need to create every bundle by hand, then update each bundle as book updates are released, and it would be an admin nightmare trying to update 20 different bundles with varying book contents.

If none of the above bundles suit you, perhaps consider buying individual books.


Think I'll go just with "Hacking with macOS" as it seems to be the only one for now with latest Swift(UI) updates...

Odd the site says:

Buy Hacking with macOS for $32

And when redirected to Gumroad it shows US$ 40 (o;

Also the description mentions:

Working with the filesystem, including reading and writing local and remote data from JSON.

Hmm..don't see anything like this on github sources and in the TOC....maybe it's AppKit only for reading/writing JSON...


@twostraws  Site AdminHWS+

The pricing changed recently, thanks to the big new SwiftUI expansion; this has been corrected now.

In the SwiftUI edition, remote JSON is used in project 7 to fetch search results, and local JSON is used in project 13 as the backing format for our documents.


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