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I purchased the Swift Plus Pack and Power Pack, how do I update my books when available?


Since you bought the packs you should've downloaded them from gumroad, right? Once there is an update you can just go back go gumroad and download the updated books


re: "you can just go back go gumroad and download the updated books". I went to gumroad, but it seems to think I want to become a content creator. I can see no obvious way of locating your material, much less downloading any updates.


There is "hidden" option "Switch to buying" in the drop down menu in top right corner.


Or, if you are logged in, just click on the logo in the top left corner.


Update: I was informed from a user on Slack that Paul informs everyone that purchases his books via email concerning updates. Thx

Is an email sent from gumroad when updates are applied or do we need to scan through all content for a changed date?


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