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Book on CoreData and CloudKit?

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I am tyring to find material on Core Data and CloudKit. Specifically I would like to have a public/ shared data base where a user can send data to another user using CloudKit. I could not find such book on HWS (neither in the HWS+). Did I miss it?



Hi, There is Project 33 in Hacking with Swift that uses CloudKit to share data but not using Core Data as far as I remember. Maybe you can find something that can help you though.


Thanks. I had actually checked this but as I am fairly new in Swift I focused entirely on SwiftUI :) I found some material on Ray Wenderlich on private, public and shared databases but it's still not great: is there a way to know the iCloud ID of someone with his email? Basically I need a public database to send data to a user, all using CloudKit only. I do not plan to use a third party DB like parse/ mongo.


Hi, I can highly recommend Pracitcal Core Data from Donny Wals: He covers everything in SwiftUI and UIKit with code samples. There a chapter on CloudKit as well.


I have all the CoreData books, but I think you've fundamentally misunderstood what CloudKit features are available with CoreData.

It has nothing to do with user-to-user interaction at all, but rather to allow you to have your data transparently (at least mostly) available across your devices. So you start with the iPhone, and enter some data. Later, you're on your Mac, use your app, and the data's there.

There is CloudKitShare, but it has zero to do with CoreData. The database it's referring to in that article is something specific to CloudKit, not CoreData. I found this app, Stormy on GitHub that may help you. Note that it uses the CloudKit database, but not CoreData.


Thanks. You are right, I wrongly mixed CoreData and CK here. CloudKitShare sounds like it can do what I need. I'll read about it and report back here.


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