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This forum is for general discussion, questions, and answers about any of the Hacking with Swift books. Please be clear what book you're referring to in the title. If you want to report typos or mistakes in a book, please email paul@hackingwithswift.com instead.


Content Request

First, I can't thank Paul enough for his work. It's been the most approachable iOS training content I've come across. Thank you, Paul!

I recenly finished all the tutorials in "Hacking With iOS - SwiftUI edition" and have moved on to "Hacking with iOS - UIKit edition". I'm currently on Project 11 (side note: Learning SwiftUI before UIKit has been a pretty fun experience).

As I work through the UIKit edition, I can' help but wonder if the same tutorials found there will eventually make their way into the SwiftUI edition. Some of the newer frameworks that have been presented in the UIKit edition would be awesome to have in the SwiftUI edition - like ARKit, Siri Shortcuts, CloudKit, and games (of all kinds).

It's awesome that UIViewRepresentable was designed specifically to integrate all these UIKit Apps with SwiftUI.

What would be even more awesome is to have an intergrating with swiftUI section at the end of each chapter of "Hacking With iOS - UIKit edition"

Broader question: what is the typical update cycle like for the content available on the website and books in the store?



Curious. You started with SwiftUI and are now going back to UIKit? I was going to starte with UIKit first, but noticed some things are a bit out of date when describing XCode menu options. Did you also notice this? Is the latest Hacking with iOS UIKit Edtion the 2019-10-28 version?


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