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SOLVED: UltimatePortfolio Asset Tests

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I've just completed the first video on testing in Ultimate Portfolio. About the first testing method:

func testColoursExist() {
    for colour in Project.colours {
        XCTAssertNotNil(UIColor(named: colour), "Failed to load colour '\(colour)' from Asset Catalog.")

I understand that the expected names of colours come from the array of colour names in the Project extension (Project-CoreDataHelpers file) but what exactly is happening that means this function knows to cross check these colour names with the colours asset catalog?

Thank you.


When it loops though the array of colors (which are Strings) it puts the color in UIColor(named: String) and if this return a nil in other words there is no color string name in the Asset Catalog.

If you want to see it change add a other color to the array and run the test and it should fail.


Thank you @NigelGee


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