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SOLVED: UltimatePortfolio App: First steps in UI: FetchRequest in View

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Dear all,

I have an app architecture related question.

According to MVVM design, a View should not directly access the Model. Only via a ViewModel access to the model should be possible.

In the UltimatePortfolio App, fetchRequest in the view is used to access objects in CoreData. So in my understanding, a view is accessing the model directly, either with the property wrapper @FetchRequest or via the initializer. Also, it creates a tight coupling between the view and CoreData, which may not be preferred.

Would that design choice not be in contrast to the MVVM design?

See also: Fetching objects from CoreData in SwiftUI

Maybe I'm getting something wrong or missed something (maybe the UltimatePortfolio App is not aiming for a MVVM design or similar, or the mentioned approach is indeed in accordance with MVVM design).

Any help is greatly appreciated.





I don't believe there was mention that the Ultimate Portfolio app was specifically aiming to conform to the MVVM architecture paradigm.


@cgaafary Thank you for the quick response and the clarification!

In case someone has a good resource which covers MVVM and core data (other than the one I already provided in my original post), I'd greatly appreciate it.


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