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Ultimate Portfolio - SwiftLint error (Solution)

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For anyone that may be getting a fatal error when using swiftlint, below is a link to the solution:


Look for the 4th reply. It has a command line code that will fix the issue.


I have done this to a project that I am doing ended up with 160 issues. but it was good and took me a hour or so to reduce it. But a good thing is that if you use //TODO: in your code this is lost but when using swiftlint give you a warning.


I got the 160 errors too... most were the tab on an empty line. "Trailing whitespace"... not sure it has any impact on the code, but I did remove them.... should have finished the video first... would have been easier to get the warnings.

The error for me was running swiftlint for the first time. It was giving me a fatalError. Hence the post 😉


This also fixed my error. The autocorrect command from the comments in that link was very helpful as well.


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