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SOLVED - Ultimate Portfolio - sharedApplication unavailable to app extensions?

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When making extensions for DataController to be used by a widget as mentioned in "Creating a simple widget", I get the error "'shared' is unavailable in application extensions for iOS: Use view controller based solutions where appropriate instead."

This error occurs in appLaunched() in the DataController.swift file, and in the video I can see that Paul has commented out at least the one offending line in the appLaunched() code. Unfortuanately vidoes don't scroll ;-)

Has anybody else experienced this error, and what was your workaround it?


Not sure what the work around is yet, maybe that is a question for the next video, or a later Q&A session.

The lines are to do with inApp purchases and StoreKit, and the issue when adding a Quick Action to the app icon. See this video Add Quick Action to the icon at around 9:00 minutes.


Hmm, for now it seems I have to choose between offering a review or a widget. Yep, waiting for the next episode seems like a good idea.

By the way the Apple Documentation explains what an app extension can do or not do: https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/General/Conceptual/ExtensibilityPG/index.html

And I've seen some suggest some build options settings that will supress the error, but that is hardly a solution…


Well, the next video Creating a second widget did address this point, right at the end of the video.

With the explanation it is obvious what the workaround should be. I think that the workaround technique is a generally useful one, and can be applied to a great many situations.


I wrote this question before that article came out, and it solves my question. Thanks for the input @Greenamberred 😀


@loseth You're welcome. The Creating a second widget video only came out yesterday / last night.


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