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Ultimate Portfolio App: Custom sorting for items - alternative approach

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Just posting my alternative approach to the ActionSheet for the Ultimate Portfolio App: Custom sorting for items chapter. I'm accepting of any and all feedback about this approach.

Instead of using the ActionSheet I've opted to use a Menu view to select the sort order. It appears that Apple may be moving in this direction for the design of their own apps. Please refer to how Apple uses a Menu instead of an ActionSheet on the reminders app (Reminders app menu example).

This approach also means that you can use one fewer @State property and directly manage the sort order through a picker.

Here is my approach

@State private var sortOrder = Item.SortOrder.optimized


.toolbar {
    ToolbarItem(placement: .primaryAction) {
        if showClosedProjects == false {
            Button {
                withAnimation {
            } label: {
                Label("New Project", systemImage: "plus")

    ToolbarItem(placement: .navigationBarLeading) {
        Menu {
            Picker(selection: $sortOrder, label: Text("Sort items")) {
                Text("Creation Date").tag(Item.SortOrder.creationDate)
        } label: {
            Label("Sort", systemImage: "arrow.up.arrow.down")


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