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How do you get the Voice Over to start alway from top of screen.

I have a app that when you answer a question (via four button) it move to the next question but the voice over read the an answer to question when would like it to go to the question and then user can swipe right to read the answers.

I have tried to use .accessibilitySortPriority(1) on the Question Text but it do not seem to make a Difference.




Thank you for your reply. I have questions array that the queston and answers moved though them. So as you flick right they are read out and when you selected a answer button move on to the next question (so hiding it not an option). But would like it to go to question label but the voice over is still on the answer you picked and therefore you have to swipe right to get the question.

I have tried a number of accessibility but can not get it to move.

I have tried the app with the Screen Curtian on and it working great except this which is a bit confusing.



I have a work around using Hints on the question and answers. So you can know where you in the app


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