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WordOwl: Word Finder and Word Game Companion

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My first app WordOwl is now available for free on the AppStore! It's an advanced word-finding tool to help you with all your favourite word puzzles and word games. It packs in a huge array of searching tools and even lets you build your own tools using the Compound Search mode. The app was built primarily with SwiftUI. It's currently on iPhone only, but an iPad version is coming in a few days time!

The app is capable of performing simple searches such as

  • Anagrams of 'Triangle'
  • Words ending in 'bling'
  • Words of the form 'SW?F?'

but that's just the beginning! The advanced roster of tools, together with Compound Search, allows for searches as complex as

  • Words containing three consecutive pairs of double letters
  • Words that start with a Q that is not followed by a U
  • Words starting and ending with the same letter
  • Any combination of the above searches, and countless more!

Please give the app a download if this sounds useful to you! Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated, as would ratings or reviews on the AppStore!

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App Store Description:

Looking to ace your favorite word games? Look no further than WordOwl, the ultimate word game companion. Whether you're looking for anagrams of ‘integral’ or words containing ‘panda’, our app has your back.

With its sleek and intuitive design, WordOwl is the perfect tool for any word game enthusiast. You’ll love our extensive selection of built-in word-finding tools, including a crossword solver, anagram solver, and a variety other of advanced functions that let you find words based on their length, letter quantities, and more.

But that's just the beginning. WordOwl also features Compound Search mode, which lets you build your own advanced search functions. And with sorting options like alphabetical order, length, and Scrabble score, you can easily organise your results to find the perfect word every time. There is no end to the complexity of searches you can perform with our app. Ever wondered if any words contain three consecutive double letters? Our Matches Pattern tool has the answers!

Need a little help? WordOwl comes with a comprehensive User Guide that you can access at any time. When you're ready to share your results, you can easily export or copy them with a range of styling options.

So why wait? Download WordOwl today and start dominating your favorite word games!

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