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Updating Bus Quizzes App (Me Vs Reviewers)

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Download Bus Quizzes

Check the website The App Forest for more information

About the App

  1. Driving Theory Test (FREE)

Ask random questions (10, 20, 50, 100 or ALL!) on the Theory Test when you take your license. Has over 1300 questions which over 80% will apply to Car test and 20% will only apply to Bus test (look out for the “Bus” icon for them), so any one can use it. There is no charge to use this as many times as you want

Has Statics on the progress when doing the tests. Number of questions answered, percentage of correct answer and time to take questions

Has also “Awards” that you can “earn” as you take tests!

Did I mention that it FREE!

  1. Vehicle Checks (IAP)

This able you to check the vehicle and record any issues. This part does require a In-App Purchase for a small amount (if you want to buy a coffee!)

The app is in Four lanaguges (English, Polish, Hungarian and French) and fully accessible (Voice over, Dymanic etc).

The Story

At the end of 2018 I was just start to learn Swift programming, I made a small project in UIKit and storyboard, that asked multiply choice questions and being a London Bus driver used the Highway Code. In my research of questions |I found that all the app/websites give a few questions but charged for more, and I remember when learning to drive (a bus) that the first week is in the classroom and preparing for the Driving Theory test, so you potentially have no money! So thought it might be good idea for an App on the store! I got over 1300 questions.

24 May 2019 @ 17:45 - Submitted for review

25 May 2019 @ 14:50 - Rejected

The reason that you used to able put FREE and LITE in the app name however it was changed. Amended that detail

25 May 2019 @ 17:43 - Submitted for review

26 May 2019 @ 18:48 - Ready for Sale (Yea got an app on the App Store Version 1.0)

A new iOS came out and noticed that the progress bar (not a built one but made from constraints on storyboard 🤯) had broken and fixed a few typos in the questions/answers so a 1.1 release

10 Oct 2019 @ 08.27 - Submitted for review

10 Oct 2019 @ 11.44 - Rejected - Guideline 4.3 - Design

We noticed that your app provides the same feature set as other apps submitted to the App Store; it simply varies in content or language, which is considered a form of spam.

4.3 Spam Don’t create multiple Bundle IDs of the same app. If your app has different versions for specific locations, sports teams, universities, etc., consider submitting a single app and provide the variations using in-app purchase. Also avoid piling on to a category that is already saturated; the App Store has enough fart, burp, flashlight, fortune telling, dating, drinking games, and Kama Sutra apps, etc. already. We will reject these apps unless they provide a unique, high-quality experience. Spamming the store may lead to your removal from the Apple Developer Program. Sent a note that this was an UPDATE to existing app! Thought I made a mistake doing an update and made another app! Got the same message back.

Waited for over year

Come in the advent of SwiftUI. So I thought I would remake it all in SwiftUI with also change how it loaded the questions in an array! So transfer all the question (1,360) and their answer (5,440) into a json file took some time. Also added Widget, Statistic and Awards as thought the app might be same features as others

22 Feb 2021 @ 18:42 - Submitted for review

22 Feb 2021 @ 19.15 - In Review

22 Feb 2021 @ 19.25 - Rejected - Guideline 4.3 - Design

10 mins later! So spent some time look at the App Store at similar apps and found that 3 Apps were made before mine and quite a few after mine!

3 Mar 2021 @ 13.31 - Submitted for review (with letter explaining the above)

4 Mar 2021 @ 00.44 - Rejected - Guideline 4.3 - Design

Waited for nearly year and in the meantime came up the Vehicle Check (was going to stand alone app), however it is part a of driving test for buses so thought I could incorporate it within the app and it would be a feature that no other app has! I also found it useful in the job even though I am doing it for a while.

3 Jan 2023 @ 15:29 - Submitted for review

3 Jan 2023 @ 23.37 - Rejected - Guideline 4.3 - Design

Sent a note with the question “Did I get the Bundle ID wrong?”

Their Reply

Thank you for your reply. Just as we would not share information from your Apple Developer Program account with another developer, we do not share the details of apps submitted under other Apple Developer Program accounts.

During our review, we found that this app duplicates the content and functionality of other apps submitted to the App Store, which is considered a form of spam and not appropriate for the App Store.

So I worked out that the objection is to questions/answers which make it difficult as the Highway code book is not very big so they would be the same! However I was going to move the questions/answer and images out of the Bundle so I can update them if any changes (without doing a update of app) and move the other data. So worked out how to do it

5 Mar 2023 @ 12.38 - Submitted for review

6 Mar 2023 @ 19.51 - Rejected Guideline 2.1 - Information Needed

Need to find the IAP so sent message with how to access it

6 Mar 2023 @ 23.39 - Approved

I sorry for the long post but thought it might be helpful to people to show that perseverance does pay off.

I hope you enjoy the story and download the app and have a go to see if you knowledge of the Highway Code (also “buy” in to help out - optional!)

Thanks for Paul Hudson, Sean Allen, Stewart Lynch and few others including people on this forum to help me learn and implant the code to get this app updated.


Congratulations, Nigel, both for your success and your persistence!

If you're interested to read examples of obstacles encountered, and sometimes surmounted, by even seasoned developers in getting App Store approval, do a web search for MJTsai's blog, click "Tag Cloud" in the left column, then click the "App Store Rejection" and "App Store Review Guidelines" tags.

(I hope I don’t appear to be shilling for Michael Tsai by mentioning his blog twice in recent days. I have no connection with him besides owning two of his products and having followed his blog for several months.)


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