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Taipu - Pokémon Type Checker for Apple Watch

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I recently launched a new (FREE!) Apple Watch app called Taipu, a Pokémon type checker! The app itself is super simple: choose two Pokémon types, for example Steel and Fire, and the app quickly displays the type matchups. There are two interface types (called "Circle View" and "Stack View") to choose from; just force touch on the screen while using the app to choose between the two interface styles (the app will also remember your choice for the next time you launch the app). That's pretty much all there is to it!

The app was made using 100% SwiftUI and therefore requires watchOS 6.1 and therefore supports Apple Watch Series 1 and above. This is a standalone Apple Watch app so there is no iPhone app that goes with it.

I made this app because I found myself wanting something just like it while playing through Pokémon Sword & Shield, but couldn't find anything quite like it for Apple Watch that had the simplicity I wanted. So I decided to make it as a weekend project. The app design is purposefully simple and minimalistic without any bloat; it doesn't aim to have a lot of features or settings. It does one thing and tries to do that one thing really well. I wanted the UI to look appealing while still being functional and I believe that the Circle View is a good balance towards that goal.

Check out some screenshots here:

Download the app here:

Please leave a rating in the App Store with your thoughts and if you like the app then please recommend it to anyone you know that may find it useful. And if you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at rlziii@icloud.com. Thanks!


Now I want an Apple Watch app just for this. I often find myself forgetting type matchups that aren't obvious. Seems like the perfect type of app for the watch. Definitely a fan of simple apps like this too.


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