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SwitchBuddy - easier transfer of screenshots and videos from your Switch

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I have just published new app. If you own Nintendo Switch and frequently transfer screenshots, this app should make your life easier :-)

SwitchBuddy - transfer screenshots from Nintendo Switch to your phone or tablet

SwitchBuddy makes it easier to transfer screenshots and videos from your Nintendo Switch console to your mobile device. After you connect the app to your Switch it loads all the screenshots (or video) and allows you to save everything with a single tap. SwitchBuddy will remember your console and next time you wont have to scan the second QR code.

You can also choose the import destination. By default SwitchBuddy will save screenshots and videos to your Photos library, but you can change this to iCloud Drive instead.

Loaded screenshots can also be quickly shared using the iOS Share Sheet. So you can quickly send them to your friends, to other cloud apps and more.

You can also install SwitchBuddy on your iPad.

The app is now live on the App Store (IndieAppsCatalog) And in case you are looking for Android version, we have got you covered as well ;-)

Press kit is also available.

I am open to feedback here or via Twitter. Thanks!


Hi, It seems you are on a app launching spree, congrats!


Hehe, thanks ๐Ÿ˜ It is a more of a coincidence really..

I also released new TestFlight build which makes the process of connecting to Switch even smoother. Now you can scan the first QR code, confirm WiFi connection and done!

The app is also available via Airport


Hi again! So I tried creating video to showcase how SwitchBuddy works: How to transfer screenshots from Nintendo Switch to iPhone - step by step

I would really appreaciate feedback. Is the video clear enough? Too fast? Too slow? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello! Back with another small update. ๐Ÿš€

I have added themes inspired by Joy-Cons and fixed some minor bugs.

SwitchBuddy - available themes


Hello again! New TestFlight build is available :-) This one with iPad support and new icon.

iPad version offers drag & drop for the screenshots as can be seen in this video.


Hello, back with another update :-)

I have added new theme inspired by the Switch OLED and added option to use Telephoto camera when scanning QR. This can be super useful in TV mode, as it should work from your sofa ๐Ÿ˜

SwitchBuddy - transfer screenshots from Nintendo Switch to your phone or tablet OLED update


Hello again! Wanted to share a couple of updates.

Beyond stuff like bug fixes, UI improvements and more themes (inspired by Switch Lite), I have added a way to zoom the camera to effortlessly scan QR codes from your sofa when Switch is in the docked mode. See GIF below ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks to Apple's API this was actually quite easy to achieve, more than the Telephoto switch I had before.

SwitchBuddy iOS Digital camera zoom example

Recently I have also added Tip Jar which unlocks all themes.

Happy to answer any dev and non-dev questions about this โœŒ๏ธ


Back with another update. Version 1.6.0 is one of the biggest so far.

I have finally shipped Gallery feature to conveniently view your transferred screenshots. Gallery groups them by game and sorts by date taken. You can also quickly share them via "tap and hold" gesture.

With gallery there is new option to export game captures (screenshots and videos) to in-app storage, along with older options: Photos and iCloud Drive.

And I added "Issues" screen with a few pointers when connection to Switch doesn't work.

SwitchBuddy - gallery update, export to in-app and more

I had some success getting this update out via press release (got article on Cult of Mac for example) so if any fellow indie devs are looking for inspiration how to press release for update, you can view mine here.


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