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Hi all!

I'm excited to announce that Sequel is now available on iOS and iPadOS.

Sequel helps you keep track of the movies, shows, games, books and audiobooks you want to check out, all in one place. Whether it’s the TV show your friend raved about, a new book from your favourite author or an upcoming video game, Sequel is your go-to media wishlist. It reminds you of new releases, keeps track of your progress and more.

Now more than ever, entertainment helps us relax and escape. But with easier access to endless entertainment, it can feel overwhelming to keep track of what we actually care about. I wanted to create a space that’s uniquely yours by letting you keep track of all the stories that make you tick. An app that embraces the anticipation we all feel for a new movie, game, book, etc. The name Sequel eludes to that by hinting at what’s next in a story.

The app is entirely in SwiftUI and really wouldn't be possible without Hacking with Swift and Paul!

Check it out on the App Store. Your feedback would be much appreciated!


Sequel 2 is now available on the App Store and it is packed full of new features and quality of life improvements! <br>


Sequel gives you more information so you can choose what to enjoy next.

  • Ratings average and count
  • Synopsis / description of the items
  • Trailers, making of and other video content
  • Where to watch, powered by JustWatch, with one-tap access to streaming apps
  • Movies and series cast
  • Actors' filmography
  • Consoles availability for games
  • Time to beat for games, powered by How Long to Beat


Bring the power of Sequel straight to your Home Screen and Lock Screen.

  • Countdown: Keep an eye on an upcoming item with a beautiful countdown
  • Up Next Queue: Access the episodes that are on next
  • Quick Access: The fastest way to search and access your library
  • Out Now and Upcoming: View recently released items and upcoming ones


Sequel 2.0 gives you new and improved ways to manage your saved items.

  • Customise how your saved items are sorted. Choose a different sort option for each media type and status.
  • Mark items as Playing/Reading for quick access at the top of your library.
  • Mark items as Abandoned when you don't intend to finish them.
  • Brand new experience for interacting with seasons and episodes.
  • Mark all past episodes and entire seasons as watched in one go.


Sequel's core experience is now free to all users. For those looking to supercharge their experience, subscribing to Sequel+ unlocks additional features such as release reminders, advanced widgets, where to watch info, and more.


Sequel+ now offers users the choice of a lifetime purchase option. This provides users with access to all of Sequel+'s advanced features without the need for ongoing payments.


Save big and share Sequel+ with the whole family. Share your benefits with up to five people for less than the cost of two individual memberships. Check it out in preferences or upgrade your current plan and only pay the difference.


  • Rate items on a 5-star scale.
  • New experience for controlling your items status (finished etc.).
  • Tapping a notification now opens the corresponding item screen.
  • Long-press saved items anywhere in the app to quickly change their status.

Check it out on the App Store. Your feedback would be much appreciated!


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