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Seeking feedback on my new app: "Like, Wow!"

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I’ve just placed my new app “Like, Wow!” in TestFlight and am looking for feedback from testing volunteers.

The app counts the number of times people say “like” in a conversation. Like the rest of you in these forums, I wanted to teach myself how to write an iOS app and I needed an idea to provide focus for this effort and, well, this is what I came up with.

If you are interested, send me an email to and I’ll add you to the TestFlight invitees.

Since many of you are going through the same learning process, I thought people in this forum would be a great source of insightful feedback. A few notes about the app:

  • It is almost exclusively written in SwiftUI. There are a couple of exceptions using UIViewControllerRepresentable for sharing and sending feedback via email
  • I’m targeting iOS 14.5 or higher as many of the frustrating SwiftUI bugs appear to have been resolved at that point
  • This is my first iOS app. It was the first time I’d used Xcode, Swift and obviously SwiftUI. I learned a LOT from HWS+ and these forums. Many thanks to all of you and especially to Paul Hudson and all the incredible resources he’s put together here!

Here are a couple of screenshots and a link to the app’s website.





If you go into App Store Connect and click the group of tester you have in External Testing under Tester Management they is public link click on enable link then copy link to here or where you want people to look and test it. PS you can allows disable the link at any time and you limit the number of tester. This way people can stay anonymous but still test your app.


Thanks @NigelGee. Very helpful.

For those who would like to test my app, here is the TestFlight public beta link:


You might want to disable the In-App purchase for people to test as it only give a minute for testing!


Nota Bene: I am not a marketing person!

I read your description and thought of two markets for this app.

First, highschool and college debate teams. Some great arguments are watered down because, like, you know.

Second, Toastmasters International. (They still publish a magazine!) Send them a press kit and volunteer for an interview. Provide promo codes. I remember one technique in Toastmasters required the audience to raise a hand each time the speaker said Like, You know, or ummmmm. I remember someone was tasked with keeping track of the time, and also counting ummmms. This app would fit right in. (Plus you might consider other Toastmaster functions, such as timers, 30 seconds to go, 20, 10, end of speech alerts.)

Now that I've written this, I am guessing these were probably your target audience all along, and this post is redundant.

PS: Beautiful interface! Did you get help, or do you have an awesome design background?


@NigelGee I thought in TestFlight it just faked the whole in-app purchase (you won't get charged) but I could see where testers might not want to find out!

@Obelix Those are great suggestions - thanks! I do not have a design background but did sweat the details on this one (and spent way too much time tweaking things!)

I just submitted the app for review so hopefully it will get through in the next day or two.


My app was approved this morning! The process took less than 24 hours and there were no issues (thankfully). For anyone interested in checking it out, here's the link on the app store.

It was a really fun experience creating my first app. The resources of HWS and these forums were incredibly helpful in learning all the details along the way of Swift, SwiftUI, Xcode and all the other aspects of the app development process. For those of you who have already shipped an app, congratulations! And for those of you still working on your first one, keep it up and know that its a really great feeling when you press that button to submit for review!

Over the next couple of months I plan to write some posts about interesting aspects of the development experience. If there's anything about my app that people are especially interested in, drop me a line at and I'll put that on my list of potential topics.



Did you really have to make an LLC for your program? Just curious on the monetizing strategy.


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