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RunnyEgg - yet another egg timer app, but pretty :)

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This is an app i did when i first started learning Swift, and now i decided to make it complete and post it on the app store.

It acutally has a lot of stuff i wanted to try out and test, so it was quite a learning project for a while and now and I felt its time to let it see some light :)

Let me know if you have any suggestions!


Some functionalities I learned while working on this app:

  • local notifications,
  • timer handling in background and foreground,
  • sound on button taps,
  • alert custom sound,
  • icon change from within the app,
  • icon change from the homescreen,
  • in-app purchase,
  • lottie animations,
  • animation controll with the scroll,
  • ....


Hi @roblack,

Really nice design and animations, thank you for sharing.


Well done, looks nice, though I've no need for such an app 🙄. I hope to have an app of my own in the app store someday ...


Very cool. Just used it, and cooked myself two eggs 😋

How difficult was it to set up the purchaseable app icons? I'd enjoy reading about how you did it!



Tnx all! Really glad you like it!

@PeterKaminski09, I am glad you are interested :) I am actually in the process of creating a website where i can share stuff like that.

But for the icons, basically you handle the purchases as a separate entity. You can get the info from the store for "previously purchased products" by the current user, and if you determine he has bought lets say.."coffee" product, you just unlock that button by hand and use this Pauls tutorial for icon switching. TUTORIAL

As for the in-app purchases you can follow this one by Dejan Atanasov LINK

Hope that helps for now! But for this particular use that i did i definitelly plan to mash that in one post :) So i will probably post here once i start doing that :)


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