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ReminderCal - View Apple Reminders in Apple Calendar

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Happy New Year everyone! Presenting my first ever app: ReminderCal!

ReminderCal displays Apple Reminders in the Apple Calendar app, attempting to replicate the integration that Google has with Tasks and Calendar as best as possible.



  • Syncs reminders with due dates to the Apple Calendar app
  • Syncing reflects and supports all CRUD operations on the reminders
  • Supports all day, single occurance and repeated reminders
  • Syncs metadata such as reminder notes
  • Tag a reminder with $nocal or $nocalendar anywhere in the title or notes to hide a reminder from Apple Calendar
  • Supports multi-device usage (reminders won't duplicate and your calendars won't get mangled!)
  • Integrates with Siri Shortcuts (iOS 16)
  • Dark Mode and Dynamic Type support

Interesting technical details:

  • Interface with Reminders and Calendar using EventKit
  • Integration with Siri Shortcuts using AppIntents framework
  • Built using SwiftUI, with the SwiftUI App life cycle
  • Targets iOS and iPadOS, and spent time optimising for macOS (Apple Silicon iPad Apps for Mac)
  • Screenshots made using Affinity Designer and the Apple Frames Shortcut

Limitations/Future Work:

  • Doesn't display the reminder URLs in the calendar events (EventKit currently does not support this)
  • Syncing doesn't automatically run in the background - have to manually set up your own Shortcut Automation (Reading from EventKit currently not working when using the BackgroundTasks framework)

Download from the App Store today!

Would love to here what you guys think of my first app and if you have any feedback. Here's some promo codes if you guys want to try it out:



Thanks everyone for all the feedback and support!

I've added a few updates to the app to fix a few crashes (whoops!) and some settings to customise how the syncing works as I found that lot's of people had different opinions on how the Calendar integration should work and behave.


Thanks again for all the feedback and support from everyone who has tried out the app! This is all a learning experience for me so thank you all so much.

After doing a bit of reading and on the advice of some others, I decided to launch on Product Hunt. It's currently live today and I would really appreciate feedback, advice and upvotes from anyone. Regardless of the engagement that I received, I found that the action of preparing the listing really helped to refine the "pitch" for the app and being able to see and learn from other apps on the site was really useful too.

To anyone else who has launched on Product Hunt before, how did it go? What difference did it make and what happened next?

Here's the link to my Product Hunt. Please check it out if you can!


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