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Hi everybody! Together with my wife we released our first app! Meet Plu - she helps you with tracking subscriptions on services and regular expenses. We will be very pleased if you like it and find Plu convenient.

App Store

Since it’s a small and personal app, we have a freedom to use new stuff and experiment in some way that usually couldn’t be possible in huge companies and big projects. Here I tried features like diffable data source from UIKit, new iOS widgets using SwiftUI, CloudKit (not new but you never use on regular job, so why not), used Coordinator pattern to navigate between screens and a lot more.

And, of cause, the first personal app release itself is a big move forward since you have to handle things alongside coding and managing App Store page.

We would like to improve the app in future releases. Please, share your thoughts if you find it useful. 😊

And here are some keys to unlock Premium features! 😉





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