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Morpho Converter - instant converter with a travel focus (promo codes inside)

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Jeremy from Think Tap Work here (two-person team). We just released our Monterey update for Morpho Converter, with Quick Notes and Shortcuts support.

Morpho is our take on a conversion app, focused on speed and travel. Instead of doing one conversion at a time, Morpho shows you all of your favorite conversions instantly. This eliminates the constant fiddling with currencies, temperatures, weights, and distances. Set up your favorites once, then just open the app, type the number, and you’re done.

It also includes 256 countries and regions to help you plan your trip. View and add common units of measure, plus electrical/plug information, calling codes, driving side, languages, and time zones. The Speak Results feature let's you have your conversions spoken to you in a foreign language while you're traveling.

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1494942612

Morpho on Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac, and iPad

It's a universal app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. We've tried to implement just about any Apple tech you can think of (widgets, complications, Siri integration, Shortcuts, Quick Notes, keyboard support, Touch Bar implementation, multi-window and multi-pane support, Hand Off, and accessibility support).

The app is free with a Pro level to unlock some of the more advanced features. Here are a few promo codes for Lifetime unlock to check it out:

  • M49WMT7JPJY7


Hi been using for a while and love how you can have conversation that you allow use upfront. Thank for the code to unlock the premium side.


Thanks @NigelGee! Glad you like it. Enjoy the code.


Thanks for the App and the code!


@Obelix sorry for not replying sooner. You would redeem the code by copying and pasting it into the App Store under your account > Redeem > Manually Enter Code.


I suppose I figured it out! I bought the app back in November.


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