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Memoree - a utility to link and remember related (linked) cards, accounts, payments and subscriptions

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I have recently released my second app in to Apple App Store. There is a free version, with restricted number of entries, to try it out, and an In-App purchase to unlock the full capabilites.


It is an iOS app designed for the iPhone and iPad, but is also compatible with macOS running on M1 silicon.

The inital idea was to provide links between two types of items - payments and general entries. The simplest explanation is if you imagine that you have a card that you have used for various subscriptions, recurring payments, regular events, charities, etc. And now you are due a replacement card. Can you remember all the various providers and organisations that you will need to contact to informed them of the new card details? This is where the app can help you. You can link between the different entries, and see that in the details.

It will provides you with reminders of up-and-coming due dates and a notification (if you enable it) on the due date.

The ideas for the app grew from there.

For Payments there are

  • Bills
  • Finance
  • Seasonal
  • Other

For General you have available

  • Cards
  • Account
  • Warranty
  • Subscription
  • Anniversary
  • Trial (subscriptions, and similar)
  • General (miscellaneous)

The Home view shows a summary of the items that are due soon or overdue. Tapping an entry brings up more details. Selecting the 'Update Reminder' icon (top left on the Home view) presents a list of the items that are overdue or due soon, and can updated to the next scheduled reminder.

You can set up a widget for the app,m and can interact with searching, once ther are entries.

If you have multiple devices you can synchronize through iCloud (if availabe and enabled).


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