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I made a simple yet engaging math game over quarantine. It is called IntelliMath, and I'd love some feedback from you folks!

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Hello everyone!

I made a small math game which helps people improve their mental math skills and quick calculation speed. The idea started out when I had trouble trying to add two numbers.

It is a very simple app, without any intrusive ads, and from the looks of it, a lot of people really like it (I have about 600 downloads in a week since the release)! It supports light and dark modes (you can also manually change them in the app), and it is connected to Apple Gamecenter where you can compare your scores to the Global Leaderboard.

Here's a small demo video: ezgif.com-video-to-giffc03fabae463699f.gif

This is my first iOS game, and my second standalone project. The game is written in Swift 5 and uses UIKit. I'd love some feedback from y'all, and I'm excited to hear any suggestions you may have :)

Here's the app store link, if you wish to download it: https://apps.apple.com/app/intellimath/id1513756591

Thanks for checking it out :)


I have to say the animated logo is really beautiful and the totally custom design is very well made!


Congrats! looks amazing man! Source code available?


It was not clear that it was the + operator to get "target". Maybe it could pick what operators as well. (just a suggestion). Also may change "Target" to "Target Answer". But look great and simple to use. 5Stars


great game Abey. Nice work. Very clean, simple, great animations and a lot of fun. Have you thought about expanding on it to include multiplication, division etc? That would be awesome to include that. Overall though good.



Hey @ioprojecton , I am planning to open-source the project at some point, I just need to clean up the codebase. I'll probably send you a ping when once I've done that!

@NigelGee : I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I had to settle with "Target" to make that string fit between the arched progress bar. I'll review the Tutorial to see if I could make the UI somewhat clearer to first time users. I'm currently working on adding more operators to the app (along with an easy mode for kids).

@Newy11527 : Thanks for your feedback! Actually, when I started the project, I used multiplication instead of addition, but then decided not to use it since it was getting way too harder as you level up. But, looking at the Global Leaderboard, I feel like I'm pretty average at math, so I'm currently working on an update to include more operators!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I hope you all have a good day/night :)


very cool app. My daughter loves it but...i may found a bug. Or i did somethinh wrong.

one of the numbers i've got was 4. But there was no way of getting the 4.

numbers i've got where:

1 8 2 8 7 6 8 9 8


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