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Need to track time but hate doing it? Check out the renewed Daily!

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Hey fellow developers!

Years ago, I used to work as an iOS developer for a digital agency. Each Friday, I was asked to submit my hours for that week. I estimated these hours by examining emails, reviewing commits, and finding attended meetings. Like many, I experienced it as a tedious task. Yet, it was of great importance for invoicing and budgeting purposes.

I started looking for apps to help me. Most time tracking apps required me to toggle timers when switching between tasks. I often forgot to do this, making the resulting timesheets inaccurate.

Working on my thesis and conducting quantitative research, I realized that data sampling could be an excellent alternative for tracking time. Daily is the resulting implementation of that approach. It works by asking what the user is doing and provides a better way to track time without toggling timers.

Fast-forwarding to 2022, thousands of employees, freelancers, founders, and other professionals in various industries are tracking their time using Daily and rated it 4.6 out of 5 based on over 1.200 ratings. They it to submit hours, create invoices, or simply understand better how they have spent their time.

I hope Daily also helps you tracking your time more easily.

Happy to know your thoughts.

Best, Niels.

PS. See its promo video for a quick view on how the app works and looks like.


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