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Flash-QR: a social twist on something familiar - make a friend via a QR code

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EDIT: Just added the Offer Code feature in v1.5.0. For this group, use the code: HACKINGWS

First of all, thank you to Paul and the dogs on helping me learn SwiftUI. I'm about four months into working on the platform and I absolutely love it. Though I'm definitely not new to software development, SwiftUI is a breath of fresh air and just plain fun!

So, this, my second app, was my venture into learning about StoreKit, iOS Notifications (via Firebase), data persistence (both UserDefaults and Keychain), and just figuring out the whole process of getting into the App Store on an In-App-Purchase product.

One use of this app is to send a note (along with name and contact info) to a stranger via a QR code. Whether the user is standing in a bar, at a concert, or at the campus library, they can quickly create a very simple QR code and hold it up for their recipient to scan. Of course, the person scanning the code does not need the app to receive the note. The QR redirects them directly to our website where the previously POSTed note and contact info are displayed in their phone's browser AND a notification is sent back to the sender letting them know the message was just read. All remotely stored data is then immediately deleted.

Because the data stored in the QR code is a very short URL with a 6-character ID, I was able to keep it to the second lowest resolution QR code (25 x 25). I also crank up the brightness while the code is displayed and revert it back when done (that in itself was a chore since brightness adjustments are pretty finicky in Swift/SwiftUI). So, with a Level 2 QR and max brightness, you'd be surprised how far across a room today's cameras can read them.

The link to the app is here:


I've built-in several freebie "flashes", but my next task is to implement promo codes.

Would love to get feedback from this super helpful community. If you do download it, make sure you allow Notifications as that's one of the key features of this product. You'll also need an "assistant" to act as your recipient to test it out. Finally, keep in mind, I'm more skilled in writing software than I am at graphics design :)

Thank you all in advance!



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