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Chill Zones - create your own video screensavers for Apple TV with this free app

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Hello all! I would like to introduce my newest app. Chill Zones is a small utility that allows you to create custom video "screensavers" for your Apple TV. There are quotes because it is not possible to change built-in screensavers and so these need to be launched manually.

You create screensavers from iOS app where you import video, name it and wait for it to upload to iCloud. It can then be played on an Apple TV in a smooth loop. App is free and does not have any ads.

Chill Zones Apple TV promo

The videos are stored privately in your iCloud account and nowhere else. Feedback and rating is appreciated!

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Press kit

Developing this gave me an opportunity to more explore CloudKit and also bits of AVFoundation.

Chill Zones Promo

And here is QR code for easier download:

ChillZones QR Code

I have also written on Medium.com if you'd like check out more material or info about how to use the app.


Hi again folks! New update is out with multi-user support for tvOS 14! Also a bit nicer loading and the option to preview videos in iOS app. Along with some bug fixes 🙂

I have also created new promo image😁

Chill Zones photo 1

Also if you are interested about implementing support for multiple users in your tvOS app, I have written a blog post about it - https://nemecek.be/blog/52/implementing-multi-user-support-in-tvos-14 It is surprisingly easy - tvOS does a lot of work for you.


You're on a roll, filip!


Just want to give a quick heads up about the recent updates :-) The app now supports up to 4K resolution (of course this takes more space in iCloud and longer to load on Apple TV) and also you can now listen to Music while the app is playing video (this was something like 2 lines of code to add :D).

I also wanted to share surprising use cases folks sent me. While I thought the app will be strictly to play short videos on a loop, someone is using it in their saloon to play longer promotional videos, which was pretty big wow moment when I got the message (this person also asked for the 4K support).

Another user wants to play their drone footage on Apple TV and asked for "Shuffle All" button which I am now planning to build.


The app is now available via Airport for those who want to try beta builds :-)

I have quite massively improved loading times in the tvOS version - especially for folks who have a lot of videos. The massive improvements is partly due to the fact that the previous implementation was not so great so to speak :D



Another update is out. This one brings the Shuffle all option. This is single button but I think it takes Chill Zones to be much closer as a built-in screensaver replacement.

Chill Zones Shuffle all

It was quite a challenge, because some videos may be looped and therefore only 10 seconds long, while others can be 5 to 10 minutes. Plus some are already cached on the device while other need to be fetched from CloudKit first.


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This app is really going from strength to strength – great job! 👍


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