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Blue Whale Swimming Pool

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I recently released this app on Apple AppStore.

It is a little fun utility to convert between different units, however adding some more unusual units into the mix.

Blue Whales and Swimming Pools.

And other units. Have you ever seen quotes in the media, online, etc. where they that '… and that is equivalent to 30 swimming pools'? Well, this app has those curious units covered, and I hope to add more of these curiosities in the future.

Some of the units are accurate, or reasonably accurate, and some have an amount of informed guesswork (I'm not sure that anyone has actually measured the volume of a blue whale).

The reasons I wrote this app are

  • I wanted a nifty tool to check up on these unusual units.
  • To try out some of the new technologies and features in iOS 16.
  • A bit of a fun app.

Blue Whale Swimming Pool


I do not know if you included these

  • Hands (measurement for horses)
  • clothes sizes (US, UK, Europe, etc) eg size 10 is what in different counrty and what are they in cm, inches etc
  • Shoe size again the same as above - also what is size(in women) compared with size(in mens)


NigelGee, I have looked into those and similar unit conversions, however they are a bit mode complicated since they are non-linear. Clothes and shoe sizes could be a whole category itself.

Hands (horse height measurement) is a length dimension based on whole number of inches and needs the correct rounding applied. I am still working on it though.


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