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Afterminder - quickly create time relative reminders

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Hello all,

I initially created this app just for myself but put it into App Store so it works indefinitely. However like day after quickly releasing it, I got first feedback email 😁 So it looks like someone may be interested.

I just wanted simple way to create reminder relative to the current time. For example I start dishwasher and want to be reminded after 2 hours that it has finished. With the stock Reminders app this takes a lot of time.

With afterminder it can be single tap if you already have favorite/recent reminders. Otherwise you enter reminder text and select time. These reminders are added to the stock Reminders app so you can access them on all your Apple devices 🚀

I have already managed to release (= send to Review) first update which introduces Siri Shortcuts - so you can create reminders either via Siri or with Shortcuts app. And I also written a short tutorial on creating Intents shortcuts.

You can get Afterminder for free on the App Store.

The app looks like this:

Afterminder screenshot


You're on a roll Filip! Well done!


Hello, back with small update 1.3 :-)

I have added the option to add custom times to the "After" section and there are new alternative icons.


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