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SOLVED: What is "using" term doing there?

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func makeArray(size: Int, using generator: () -> Int) -> [Int] {
    var numbers = [Int]()

    for _ in 0..<size {
        let newNumber = generator()

    return numbers

What is the purpose of "using" term before generator closure? It looks like as "argument label" but it is not used in the code example when calling the makeArray function and it does not seem to be logical to use an argument label for a closure.


It's an argument label for the generator parameter name.

Argument labels are used externally, when calling a function.

Parameter names are used internally inside the function's code.

So you call this function using the argument label like:

let newRolls = makeArray(size: 50, using: generateNumber)

But inside the function, you use that parameter name to call the function or closure that was passed in:

let newNumber = generator() 

In other words:

  • using = argument label referring to a function or closure passed into makeArray
  • generator = parameter name for the same function or closure


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