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What do you suggest? I have some doubts about my learning path

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I just finished Day 11 and I'm looking forward to putting together the things I learned so far, but I have some worries that maybe someone who has already completed the 100Days or is ahead in the course could help me understand.

The thing is, I'm a UX/UI Designer and SwiftUI is the very first programming language that I'm learning, while the theory is all clear to me when watching lessons or doing the tests what I find harder to wrap my head around is how to use the tools and the theory that I learned in checkpoints, it feels like I didn't properly understand the use case of the tools.

Will it become clearer when putting all the knowledge together in practical projects (Day 16 and above)? What do you suggest?


@AlbeG - do not worry , i have been learning for a lot longer, how to use the tools like some experts here do answering seemingly difficult question with ease and grace can take many years, as programming these days is so much more about knowing techniques rather then any thing else .. also mathematics comes in to play , those good in maths have a headstart ... any ways enjoy the journey


@AlbeG The first 15 days are just about the terminology of swift - eg what is a let/var etc. You will end up by the end using most of these all the time.

As UX/UI Designer you will love SwiftUI as soon as you code a Button (for example) You will see it straight away.

Have FUN and keep Coding


As long as you are able to form an understanding of the concept that you are learning, and can read the code in the examples, and explain to yourself what it is doing, then I think you are doing fine. Even if it takes you a long time to read the code and form an understanding that you can articulate. A lot of people get worried because they start to think that they won't remember all of the details, or know how to use it themselves. But, I think that being able to form an understanding while you are learning is the most important part. That way, when you run into using that particular tool again, you will be able to think it through, figure it out, and explain it to yourself again, even if you completely forgot about it the first time.

The more that you continue to use those same tools over and over (which you will do throughout the course), they will start to solidify in your mind, and you will eventually just know what they do without having to explain it to yourself every time. Even professionals who have been working with the language for years still have to go back and look up how to use things that they have used numerous times in the past, so don't feel bad about it. Repetition will be key to eventually remembering and knowing things on your own.


Similar situation here (designer exploring swiftui). I'd strongly suggest coming up with side projects to do in parallel. Start super simple (offline only apps for example), and you'll suddenly switch from "study" mode to "apply the knowledge" mode

You may also want to browse https://designcode.io/swiftui-handbook -- at least the free ones, to give you some inspiration. It mayt still be over your head at first for day 15, but stick with it!


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