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SOLVED: WeSplit App (Project 1): how to clear the checkAmount on tap?

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I'm currently trying to slightly improve the UX of the WeSplit app so that when you tap on the checkAmount text field, you don't have to delete the "0.00" default value before entering your own value. In other words, the text field is blank, and you can just start inputting your bill amount.

I'm finding it quite difficult to do!

What's the best way of approaching this?



I declared the checkAmount as String and set it to ""

@State private var checkAmount = ""

In the view is used as below

TextField("Amount", text: $checkAmount)

Finally in the calculations I just wrap it around Double i.e. Double(checkAmount)



You could also declare as an optional Double and then nil coalesce down to 0.

@State private var checkAmount: Double?
let tipValue = (checkAmount ?? 0) / 100 * tipSelection
let grandTotal = (checkAmount ?? 0) + tipValue


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