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This is the 1st day of learning swiftUI. Wish me luck.

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I am trying to make an Apple Watch app which can track daily money spent.

And I found the offical toturial is a little bit slow for me to learn.

So here i am.

Hope to learn with everyone here.

Have a great day.


Good luck! Paul is a fantastic teacher, just be patient and you'll do great :)


I agree with Julian! @twostraws is an excellent teacher and you have a community here who can help you with concepts.

I am guessing you've put a lot of thought into your Watch applications design and functions. That's a great start.

But let me add a challenge.

Think of your watch app as a large box of Lego bricks. Each brick is a separate piece of your application. You'll have labels, and data fields. You'll have menu choices and buttons. You'll have scrollable areas, and bar graphs. You'll tap some places and use the watch stem in others.

Start thinking of whole application as a bunch of separate Lego bricks. @twostraws will teach you how to build small functional bricks. Then you'll start the assemble the small bricks into parts. And the parts will go together to form screens. And several screens will fit together to make your application!

If you think of the small parts now, then as you learn Swift and SwiftUI you'll see how the Swift concepts apply to your designs. Keep us posted!


Good luck @chou - although luck has very little to do with success. I wish that you have the tenacity to stick with it and get through the full 100 days. I wish that for myself as well...


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