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SOLVED: Should I learn Swift or SwiftUI?

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I'm completely new to programming.

I've completed 12 days of 100 Days of Swift. And then I came across this Paul's video and this forum post which confused me whether or not to take the UIKit route.

Should I continue with learning Swift or start with day 15 of 100 Days of Swift UI? Please help me out.


SwiftUI is Swift, but know you mean SwiftUI or UIKit. As you are new to this I would go with SwiftUI and be aware you might not be able to do something in SwiftUI as it a new language but you can always research that and if you compete 100 Days of SwiftUI you could then do the 100Days of Swift


I agree with @Nigel.

I have tried several times to learn UIKit. I have taken courses from Angela @Udemy. I have followed a few years of Paul Hagerty's CS193p Swift course. These were great introductions, but I never could fully grep the entire UIKit architecture. XCode's Interface Builder looked wonderful, until I had to figure out contraint classes. Ugh.

SwiftUI changed all of that for me.

I found the declarative approach to building user interfaces much easier to understand. I think it's a more natural way to think of user interfaces and how the parts (buttons, sliders, graphics) all work together. Additionally, the functional nature of SwiftUI structs and classes provided additional comfort in learning and modifying features.

Some forum questions are specifically related to UIKit. I avoid answering those questions because, quite honestly, they are painful to read! I want to ask the writer, "Why aren't you doing this in SwiftUI?"

Here's an example: Help with TableViews
Just looking at this class' declaration hurts. So much easier using SwiftUI.


Thank you @NigelGee, @Obelix. I think I'll take the SwiftUI path.


Done @Obelix, thank you.


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