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Rather disappointed with my first Swift UI project

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Hello, I started studying Swift recently, as I have got myself in the Apple ecosystem. I have some programming experience, however due to my lack of motivation I never managed to build anything serious,. However I have decided to study very hard, and so even closures weren't such a pain for me, however when the time came to write the first App I was kinda disappointed, as I failed to understand why the heck I had to add 2 to the PeopleCount variable I have created, as in my code, it worked without this formula. And then I wonder what did I do wrong and I once again feel I’m gonna hit a wall which I won’t be able to pass. What are you guys doing in such situations?


Just keep pressing on. You are not the only one here who finds yourself in such situations. And I think, lots of folks will agree, there is no one right or best solution to tackle a problem. So if you have another way to solve the issue, well done!!! It is better than just copy and paste blindly. Myself, without any programming experience before, had the days when I was about to quit this all, with the thought "I am so stupid that I cannot understand what is going on here". But time passed and I persisted, and can say there is a huge difference between what I knew back then and what I know now. Some assignement that I completed were done in completely different way, so be it. As long as it works :) There is no one to judge you, and your solution is no worse than any other, taking into account your experience. I am sure pros didn't have their code in early days of their career all perfect. But, if you don't feel yourself thrilled upon finding a solution to something yourself, or even simple thought like "damn, this is cool thing I learnt today", this is going to be a long and probably hard way to go. But climbing a mountain is not easy either :). So maybe later upon surmouting that top you will find another one even bigger. Perseverance would help here.


You WILL hit the wall (I have several times), but with practice and patience, it will all start to make sense.

I came from a VBA and C+ background, a lttle Java and HTML but wasnt finding it as interesting anymore as I didnt really have a project to work on.

Going through the 100Days (I am on Day 79) has been great and I often think about how I would change the course projects. Between that and my family saying "I wish my phone could do this", I have found enough to keep me content and learning.

My best advise...

  • Don't give up. Take a break if needed, but don't give up.
  • Ask questions before you get completely frustrated.

There are good people here that will help.

Best of luck!


I am very much interested in development and inner workings of stuff and I am very thrilled to think through a problem and find the solution, but sopmetimes I find my solutions to be very smelly in code, as, for example the unit converter https://github.com/Nuno69/Unitify


@Nuno69 - the medical warning on your Github project cracked me up with laughter. I feel like this should be mandatory on my code together with a README.md, .gitignore and license :)


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