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SOLVED: Question: My decimalPad won't build

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Hello I'm on Project 1

I'm following Paul's codes step by step. When I built through command R , my decimal keyboard don't appear when I'm trying to type. (But in Paul's demonstration his worked)

Here's my code. Is there anything wrong ?

I'm building on Simulator of iPhone 13 Pro ( iOS 15.0 )

// // ContentView.swift // WeSplit // // Created by Boat on 2/12/21. //

import SwiftUI

struct ContentView: View { @State private var checkAmount = 0.0 @State private var numberOfPeople = 2 @State private var tipPercentage = 20

let tipPercentages = [10,15,20,25,0]

var body: some View {
    Form {
        Section {
            TextField ("Amount", value: $checkAmount, format:.currency(code: Locale.current.currencyCode ?? "USD"))

        Section {
            Text (checkAmount, format:.currency(code: Locale.current.currencyCode ?? "USD"))


struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider { static var previews: some View { ContentView() } }


When running the simulator and the text field selected, do CMD-K to bring up the keyboard.


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