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Question: Is it just a matter of CONVENTION to use the same name of property's as the names of init () parameter's ?

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This has been confusing me for ages.

From what I see, it only creates confusions for newbies like me.

If we don't have this convention, we don't even need to use self.propertyname , right ? self. here is for differentiating the property and the parameter, right ? If these two names are different, problem solved, no ?

Or there's some good reasons behind this appraoch ?

Thank you in advance



I think you're right; there's nothing stopping you from using different property names than function/method names. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of good names though - especially when the variables mean the same thing. This is particularly true with initializers, where the parameter's only purpose is to set the property value.


Yep, just convention, though a useful one IMO because it makes it 100% clear how the parameters are being used in the data structure. And, as @ty-n-42 mentions, it can be difficult to come up with good names that aren't already the name of the properties those parameters will be assigned to. And why make life more difficult for yourself?


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