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SOLVED: Question: CheckPoint 4 (throwing errors) Why my code not working?

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My code is very similar to Paul's solution , but mine is not working

here is :

enum squareRootError: Error{
    case outOfBounds, noRoot

func CheckPoint4 (checkNumber: Int) throws -> Int {
    if checkNumber < 1 || checkNumber > 10_000 {
    throw squareRootError.outOfBounds
     for i in 1...100 {
        if (i * i) == checkNumber {
            return i }
    throw squareRootError.noRoot

let checkNumber = 6561

do {
    let rootNumber = try CheckPoint4 (checkNumber: 6561)
    print ("The square root of \(checkNumber) is \(rootNumber).")
}    catch {
    print ("sorry there was a problem")

Thank you in advance!



You need a closing brace } after the line throw squareRootError.noRoot to end your CheckPoint4 function.

Try to keep your indentation and matching braces lined up correctly; that will help you catch things like this.


If you select all the code and ctl+i will give you correct indents.


Thank you both @roosterboy and @@NigelGee

Don't know why I was so blind.

had been frustrated to see my code not working; now even more frustrated to realize I was blind .


Thank you guys and have a great Friday.



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