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SOLVED: Question: at which stage of my iOS app development, I should hire an Android developer to create the counterpart already ?

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Dear folks,

Don't know if this the right section of this forum to post this. @Paul please lemme know if I should move this post to elsewhere.

I'm a slow learner but I still want to develop my own app which is a part of my biz plan. I hope to reach a prototype by the end of my 100DayofSwiftUI.

However, in my part of the world, 75% users are still Android. If I want to make it work, still need to have the Android app out there.

My iOS app won't be complicated in terms of algro, that's why I want to do it myself. (Also enjoy the learning experience).

The iOS app is more about having an attractive/interesting UI than a complicated algro. So I guess the Android version won't be difficult neither, right ?

Should I wait until I have a prototype of my iOS app , so I can demonstrate to the Android developer easily ? How long dose it usually take to develop an Android app? I think it can be very fast, right ?

Thank you as always ,



Does this app need to communicate with an Android app to work? If not then build and release the iOS app




No it dosen't communicate with the Android app to work.



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