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Hi guys,

I'm actually in day 92 and in the past days I had an hard time learning all the new concepts. I think I'm not learning well and I feel so overwhelmed. To solve the challenges I constantly watch the code that Paul shows in the videos.

How can i learn much better? Is there a method besides practice?

I hope to read your opinions,



That is absolutely normal. With tons of new information your brain cannot handle this all. It takes time to absorb and digest it, and it is never ending process I would say, especially with such many new things being constantly developed and launched. Most probably you have your own learning style so stick to it. In my opinion what is important you have to code the same things again and again until it is kind of second nature to you. Of course you cannot memorize all of this, but basic concepts is a must. There are tons of methods, properties etc. out there so with time you will learn part of it and when you have task at hand to solve, you would normally know what to use and how to tackle it. But again, it takes time. And as always you can refer to apple documentation, or google if you need a refresher for something. Very often there are people who already faced with such kind of task that might be in front of you so you can use such kind of information. Wouldn't recommend copying blindly in any case, unless you more or less understand what is going on. And just keep coding :)

PS. Personally, I learned a lot from Mark Moeykens (bigmountainstudio) books. I am not associated with them in any way so it is not an ad but recommendation. I like the way he can explain some difficult concepts in visually pleasing way :)


I thought this one would be answered by @Obelix

I agreed with @ygeras it sometimes can be overwhelming. #Stop# Look at solution and try to work it out from there backward. Do not worry if you can get it straight away. It took me two years to understand one thing and was using it but suddenly understood!

I personal do not remember how to do the things but general remember where I did it eg a project in the 100 days then go back and look at the project and the video and articles around the code.

You probably now do not think too much about let, var, and func

More you code the more you retain!


Thank you guys :)


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