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SOLVED: Project 15 - how to use VoiceOver

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Hello all,

one simple question, but I do not understand how to solve it. Paul mentioned in part 1 that we have to run this project on our device and activate VoiceOver there.

But how do I run Project 15 on my device? I also checked the setting in the Simulator and I am not able to spot VoiceOver. How did you do it?

Thanks a lot, Federico


To run any of your apps on your device in Xcode look at the top middle you should see your simulated device that you are currently using. Click on that then that'll bring up a list of simulations you can run on as well as your Mac. Near the very bottom of that list there's also Manage Run Destinations, click that and you'll see two options up at the top left for Simulators or Devices. Click Devices Assuming it is is your phone /ipad you are connecting via USB? Make sure your device is unlocked before plugging in your USB. There's also a setting on your phone / ipad in Settings>Generaal>VPN & Device Management that you'll need to set, but I believe all that shenanigins is prompted when you run for the first time. I don't know anything about project 15 yet. I'm 25 days or so behind. But even if this doesn't help, it is nice that you can carry around your phone and show off to your friends something cool that you've written. Brings some positivity if anything.....GL!


VoiceOver will ONLY work on real devices not the Simulator

Connect your iPhone (Unlocked) to your computer that has Xcode running with the project. When you first do this it may takes some time as it prepare the phone for development.

Click on Window then Devices and Simulator and under Devices tab you should see your phone. HINT if you tick the box next to Connect via network then in future you will not have to use the cable if both are on same network.

When it ready you can select it and run the project.

Switch on VoiceOver (Settings>Accessibilty>VoiceOver). However until you get use to it. It can be quite hard so I would suggest that you set either Accessibilty Shortcut (Settings>Accessibilty>Accessibilty Shortcut) or Back Tap (Settings>Accessibilty>Touch>Back Tap) (I used Triple Tap). You can also just ask Siri to turn VoiceOver On/Off


Thanks both guys, both solutions are valid, but as @George mentioned, there is an extra step. In Settings>General>VPN & Device Management it is required to trust the developer delivering the app to the iPhone.


I can finally add the link to Learn VoiceOver gestures on iPhone

Thanks Paul


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